A proven track record

In the security business you can’t afford to make mistakes – and it’s a testament to Roger Pike’s expertise that RPA has operated successfully since March 1997.

Roger has assembled a team of experts in specific aspects of security, each with their own proven track record.

The company aims to offer an informed expert approach to all types of security. They provide a full service, high-quality consultancy for organisations in many sectors, locally, nationally and internationally.

As RPA Ltd is independent with no affiliations to any manufacturer or provider of security systems, the advice provided is unbiased and impartial – totally focused on what is the best solution for the client.

Roger rises to any challenge and enjoys working on bespoke solutions. It doesn’t matter what compliance requirements or regulatory controls exist, there is normally a solution.

It’s no surprise that Roger was singled out by Carl Young in his acknowledgments for his book, The Science and Technology of Counter-Terrorism.

You can get the same top level expertise working on your security project – just give Roger a call on 0208 596 5147.

Specialist security consultants

  • Operating successfully since March 1997
  • Team of experts in specific aspects of security
  • Proven track record
  • Unbiased and impartial advice

Roger has an encyclopaedic knowledge of physical security technologies and also possesses a remarkable problem-solving capability. In my view he has no equal as a physical security expert on either side of the Atlantic.

Carl Young, Author of 'The Science and Technology of Counter-Terrorism'

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