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Pharmaceutical security is far from simple.

It consists of safeguarding a complex network of processes that provide advanced security measures from the initial research to development, testing, manufacture and distribution.

This helps to ensure that the product is not compromised and patients can receive the drugs and medicines that they need to treat the diagnosed medical conditions and improve their quality of life. At RPA, we will implement the correct systems to safeguard the product, assist with compliance/audit with the industry regulator and discourage inappropriate behaviour.

We will also endeavour to help facilities to work “smarter and harder” by utilising the full capabilities of the specified solutions and minimise human error by implementing automated processes where practically possible. We have experience in providing complete security solutions across a wide range of markets, with services that include but are not limited to:

  • Advanced feasibility studies
  • Risk assessments
  • Advanced system design and implementation
  • Advanced physical security design, including high security perimeter, personnel/vehicle interlocks, hostile vehicle mitigation, etc.
  • Design of security control rooms and system monitoring
  • Tender documentation
  • Installation witnessing services
  • Operational procedures/process

We’ll work with your facility and create a custom solution based on what you are looking for in a security solution. We’ll identify your weak points and implement measures to make them strengths. RPA has worldwide experience safeguarding pharmaceutical operations, having worked in the U.K., United States and Europe, among others – and we have the know-how, professionalism and expertise to exceed even your most demanding security requirements.

Do not underestimate the importance of getting your security measures right. It will represent an improvement to your company’s bottom line and help give you peace of mind that things will operate smoothly and without issue. From CCTV, access control, alarm monitoring and PSIM systems to data protection, we have the solutions.

Contact RPA today to learn more about how we can implement the right solutions to safeguard your pharmaceutical facility. You can reach us by phone on +44 (0) 208 596 5147 or complete an enquiry form here on our website to tell us a little bit more about your requirements and we’ll contact you and discuss how we can help.

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