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Plan to protect your business

Your business is unique and that means that your security strategy must be as individual as your business.

Today’s security options are wide-ranging and complex – and a sophisticated security system will offer a measure of protection that gives your management and stakeholders peace of mind.

However, what works today may not be sufficient tomorrow – and that means security systems need to be future-proof as far as possible. Your security will need to protect:

  • People
  • Premises
  • Equipment
  • Data

To ensure your organisation can be properly protected you’ll need expert assessment based on experience, knowledge and the engineering capability to understand exactly how any installations will impact on the operation.

A robust security concept will be fully documented showing feasibility, impact, implementation and operation. A presentation suitable for board consideration can also be provided.

Put your protection plan in the hands of experts – call us on 0208 596 5147 or complete our enquiry form to get further information.

Peace of mind

  • Sophisticated security system
  • Future-proofing as far as possible
  • Protecting people, premises, equipment & data
  • Expert assessment based on experience & knowledge
  • Fully documented security concept
  • Presentation suitable for board consideration

City scape of New York city

Large construction project, New York

This involved development of people-tracking using CCTV, video analytics for recognition and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology allowing construction workers to be monitored on site throughout the working day.

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