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Control for future costs

If future plans are projected rather than detailed, it’s important that cost control is in place to prevent material expenses escalating. When the required materials or staff are identified, but actual amounts are, as yet, unknown, a Framework Agreement is invaluable in establishing and controlling known costs for an agreed period.

With comprehensive experience of developing Framework Agreements covering all aspects of security during a contract’s term, you can be sure that:

  • New equipment
  • Staff costs
  • Travel expenses
  • Maintenance contracts

Are protected from margin-creep over a period of time and the organisation benefits from the best possible purchase prices guaranteed for a specified period.

This can prevent unplanned percentage increases year on year compounding additional outgoings. If your projects are subject to change, refurbishments and contracts that are spread over a longer time frame and, possibly, several locations, getting a comprehensive Framework Agreement will keep costs predictable.

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Comprehensive experience

  • Prevents material expenses escalating
  • Establish and control known costs for an agreed period
  • Avoid unplanned percentage increases
  • Keeping costs predictable

St Pauls Cathederal and bridge, London

International bank, London

RPA provided a detailed upgrade strategy for the access control and CCTV systems throughout the European estate of an international bank based in the City of London.

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