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Don’t take unnecessary risks

Your organisation is organic – changes are taking place all the time – and that means that you need to carry out regular risk assessments and keep them updated.

A risk assessment identifies your vulnerable points – the areas that are potentially going to become unplanned spending later on. A little invested now can save substantial costs later – and many companies like to see a comprehensive risk assessment.

If you are looking for expert resources with a holistic approach to risk management you’ll find our specialists can deliver comprehensive risk analysis of:

  • Security strategy, systems and procedures
  • Business critical, emergency and continuity plans
  • Physical assets – buildings, contents, plant, equipment
  • People – staff, visitors, contractors, delivery personnel and the general public
  • IT – data protection, critical information, resilience and network vulnerabilities
  • Employment processes for recruitment and due diligence
  • Dependency on third parties
  • Specific risks relating to business sector, clients or neighbours

Your risk assessment report will cover current risk status with gap analysis, conclusions and recommendations for action with associated budgeting to put these into place. Solutions and costs are balanced against the level of the identified threat and based on the real-world situation.

To discover more about our risk assessment services please call us on 0208 596 5147 or complete our enquiry form to get further information.

Identify your vulnerable points

  • A little invested now can save substantial costs later
  • Expert resources with a holistic approach
  • Comprehensive risk analysis

Close up metal cutting creating sparks

Metal fabrication plant, Mexico

RPA were asked to carry out a risk assessment at a large metal fabrication plant in the North of Mexico.

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Research facility, USA

RPA were employed to carry out a risk assessment of a large research and medical facility in Boston USA.

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