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Reviewing security

Site surveys are usually part of a comprehensive security service, but an important part.

A survey of site security, whether for a new site or of existing facilities, ensures every aspect of security is assessed, including:

  • Electronic security – whether it covers everything required at the level needed
  • Perimeter fencing and access – whether the barriers are sufficiently secure and all access points are suitably monitored
  • Guarding levels – what needs attention and what each member of staff is able to cover in responsibilities, skills, training, etc.
  • Hostile risks, whether a hostile vehicle or person/s, can be stopped (HVM)
  • Physical site aspects that need to be taken into account such as capability/performance of security cameras or guarding rotas and coverage
  • IT security – open ports, hacking vulnerability, data security, etc.
  • System verification – checking that existing equipment and staff are meeting agreed performance/expectations.

Knowing where the vulnerable areas are, or where equipment or staffing levels aren’t sufficient for the job, ensures your organisation can take steps to ensure full protection.

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Ensures protection

  • Ensuring every aspect of security is assessed
  • Knowing where the vulnerable areas are
  • Ensures your organisation can take steps to ensure full protection

Electrical utility company, UK

From the results of the survey RPA developed a strategy and design to allow the client to integrate multiple security solutions from different manufacturers into a single operational GUI (Graphical User Interface).

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Rail freight company, UK

RPA provided an asset survey of the complete client estate including a technical assessment of existing equipment for a rail freight company with approximately 50 depots/terminals across the UK.

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