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Analysing your security

Whether you’re planning to install a brand new system, reviewing an existing one or checking a new installation a technical analysis pays dividends.

Security tender analysis and evaluation

When you’ve gathered tenders for security systems and/or services expert technical analysis will ensure that the system design and proposal will deliver to meet operational requirements as well as an analysis of the contractor’s costs. The findings will be delivered as a project report for consideration.

Security system analysis and evaluation

If your existing security system needs to be reviewed to check if it’s still fit for purpose then a full engineering analysis will assess every aspect of its operation. This examines whether the system is meeting operational requirements and can include edge devices, physical controls, security management systems, control room operations and staffing levels.

The results of the analysis would be presented as a report with details of the current system status, conclusions regarding what is working well – and what isn’t – identifying potential risks, recommendations with possible solutions and costs in relation to the operational requirements.

Security documentation analysis and evaluation

When you need specialist review at the end of a project of

  • Project drawings (construction, system schematics, as built, etc.)
  • Technical submissions
  • System manuals

RPA’s technical capability can provide evaluation of whether the technical documentation matches the physical installation.

This service can also review existing documentation to identify where updates are required or where new equipment has been installed since original documents were drawn up.

In addition system inspection and witnessing services on completion of a tender are available to ensure that the project meets the operational brief.

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Technical capability

  • Evaluation of technical documentation & physical installations
  • Review existing documentation
  • Identify where updates are required

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